Supply Chain


Akoustis’ products are manufactured in our Canandaigua, NY fab facility, giving us significant control of the manufacturing process and standards. We do outsource certain aspects of the production to various leading partners worldwide, however, and our supply chain management team is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the production, assembly and test that occurs outside of our NY facility. Using outside manufacturing partners allows us to leverage new and advanced manufacturing technologies and gives us greater ability to focus on the development and enhancement of XBAW technology and to leverage strategic relationships across the markets we serve. 

Supply Chain Partners

The Company intends to work with suppliers that share our values and high standards for environmental, social and ethical responsibility. The manufacturing partners and material suppliers that we engage with are expected to maintain an environmentally and socially responsible process and to treat workers with dignity and respect. We expect our partners and suppliers to act in this way, not only to protect from reputational risk, but because it is the right thing to do. We plan to ask these partners to adopt the Responsible Business Alliance Code of Conduct to help foster an ethical and responsible supply chain with their suppliers. 

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